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The Turkish Cypriot people by the Greek Cypriots from the 1960 partnership Republic since 1963 they have been kicked at gunpoint, and no country in the world that lives under heavy embargo and isolations.

in the wake of the Greek Cypriot armed attacks in 1963, 103 Turkish villages emptied and the Turkish Cypriots on the basis of its authority, acting as a guarantor of the motherland Turkey agreement until 1974 that intervene in the ghettos have sought to pursue their lives under very heavy conditions.
Cyprus Turkish Cypriots against the Turks by 46 years ago initiated the isolation policy is still underway, with the support of the Turkish Cypriot people and institutions in Greece with the world political, economic, social, cultural and sports fields, including any kind of information. The international community, the Greek Cypriot Administration as the "legal Government of all of Cyprus", the Greek Cypriot side propaganda and isolation makes the embargo and just not active all over the world and this is part of a policy of isolation. Whereas the implementation of the embargo or the isolation of Cypriot Turks, were not included in any United Nations resolution.

No doubt that the ongoing economic development of the Turkish Cypriot people are being unfairly isolations at the development and integration with the world in every field to effect a comprehensive agreement reached between the two sides, in order to affect the ongoing negotiation process of the negative.

The most important of the Turkish Cypriot population was unfairly applied embargo's Turkey due to flights directly to the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS from countries other than the obstructions cannot. All flights from Turkey to NORTHERN CYPRUS were mandatory in the descent. This situation is caused by the loss of time and increase the flight costs. Within the framework of developing good relations between Azerbaijan and the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS for the first time in 2005, a private airline from Baku to the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS has realized direct flight. Due to the pressures of the Greek Cypriot side unfortunately didn't continue the flights.

TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS's economy is still the biggest blow was the initiative of the European Union Court of Justice's (ABAD) in 1994, the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS;exports to the EU countries from the origin of documents and health certificates must be brought by the "authorities of the Republic of Cyprus". ABAD made this decision of the apparel and citrus exports EU countries ceased, all export and Cyprus's economy a major blow.

Every time the Israelis peace and Cyprus Turkish people on both sides of this yündeki will performed simultaneously in April 2004 referendum United Nations Annan plan, Plan Plan-Comprehensive Solution of population to a large portion of the third time, despite the significant sacrifices, such as the immigration öngörmesine 65% saying "Yes" for the most part have shown once more. The Greek Cypriots rejected the plan, while 76% vote. This process then was SUBMITTED to the isolation of the Turkish Cypriot people policy unfortunately continue in an efficient manner.

The also to be recalled immediately followed on 26 April 2004 the Council of the European Union's lifting of restrictions on Turkish Cypriots in the direction of the commitment towards hits the economic imbalance between the two sides, then eliminate the Green Line Regulation to help the solution, called the financial aid Regulation and the direct trade regulation Shall ready for it.

The former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan dated May 28, 2004 not require applied to Cypriot Turks in isolations underlining, called for the termination of in isolation.

In parallel to these developments, the Council of Europe and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) have also taken Decisions in the direction of lifting the isolations since 2004, the OIC Summit and Foreign Ministers ' Meetings in member countries called for the development of contacts and relationships with Greek Cypriots.

Are explained above in the direction of the lifting of restrictions on Decisions, and despite being a member of the EU, was brought to the edge calls also continued their efforts to continue in isolation using entails. TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS to the EU countries would allow direct trade to the Turkish Cypriot people to the other two rules are much more important due to the Direct trade regulation was SUBMITTED to the veto is still waiting.

The basic human right of the blocks and was in the 1960 Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus with the Turkish Cypriots left the authority even on issues such as education and sports is actively going on. If the sample to be given with the English soccer team Cetinkaya in Luton Town football team on July 11, 2007 between the scheduled friendly match in Nicosia was SUBMITTED to the International Football Federation FIFA and the British Government as a result of recent attempts in time to take place.

Similarly, the current six universities in NORTHERN CYPRUS, and this is due to the Bologna process, students studying at universities was SUBMITTED to the Erasmus/Socrates program of blocks in fines. To be appreciated, due to the developments in the Cyprus Turkish youth is out of its own responsibilities in this way, the State is not acceptable.

After 28 years in September 2007 was in Famagusta, Latakia started ferry service again by dumping was requested by the authorities of Syria with the attempt being made, but as a result of Syria's steadfast stance on not this. The Greek Cypriot administration brought to the EU on this issue, but could not find the support from the EU. A member of the European Commission responsible for enlargement Olli Rehn on the complaint on the subject of the Greeks in North Cyprus is an obstacle to any legal use of sea ports.

Ongoing Famagusta, Lattakia ferry flights from August 25, 2009, in Tripoli/Lebanon destinasyonunun was SUBMITTED to the Greek Cypriot Administration on the addition of Demetris Christofias a delegation headed by this time, Beirut had worked to prevent, by going to services, in the following days is Lebanon's "Daily Star" Lebanon population threatening the newspaper classifieds.

Was SUBMITTED to the people of Cyprus by attempts of inconceivable in any area which the inhuman ambargoların what are a basis of legal nor conscientious. The expectation of the Turkish Cypriot people from the international community before and after the vote, keeping your words and unfair, given the isolations last. Keep in mind that isolations had been in the path in front of the barrier removal solution.