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             People are constantly wondering if unknown. Each is also a mystery about it at all, there is little doubt that wonder. Here's my current situation is a bit different in this out of curiosity to the point I wanted to achieve, and I started to do research about the topics that I wonder.

I woke up a little more in each of my moves are open matters even more my curiosity and I've been having several issues. My first post to the transaction in 1985 that I bought used in Commodore 64 BASIC programming language I learned about my brand commands I always note their use. and I started to establish specific time algorithms. After a time I get notes of the collected issues has become almost a booklet. in 1987, the book is not yet in a Computer programming language book on the market that had been met with people my notes for the first computer light.

The Program has been more mainstream home computers that are not entertainment and gaming software hours later came out of the game almost every time a new one and the upstart. For people who do not even have a private computer at home in game halls were opened and in ATARI says. At first I was even interested in the entertainment and our dads family entertainment that is the source of this ATARI is a dependency on certain games, especially after people appeared and his students ' course work habits disappeared. The school was to see this absence that students play in the halls and the result of this PC (personnel Computer) s. The more businesses on accounting programs. Their impact on the younger generation of people as they would in the game immediately revealed, Trickster and aggressive and they began to be alone. Then I notice it. They live in a fight or even people playing the game were even in the game. It was a very even game rooms stabbing cases at times. Here's the second in 1990 as a result of this, writing that "makes People Aggressive Computer? "I wrote. 

a company an incidental during served by tea no longer look the person Hasan familiarity is doing and how the program's solution over time would be even will wrote in the same year the actual program.

At the time of my life I love stories later in the topic area, I decided to write articles. Because the circle of people who were very different in character. When People are in the space that captures and kills a teacher in discos, 1990, slowly coffees to tell the story of the "easily I stink of man, its struggling EROIN. "I had written it that way , which is also the spelling.

It is a wonderful years since the mid-1980s İstanbul immigration were left facing in. A long term goal of where I live that I authored it and I bought a different variation in the eye. "Prince Albert 1974-1991", in my book, is the first few days I started gardens fruit trees, the location is at the gates of the House as the water well, rose trees in 1991, by the district's mis bundle apartments how this topic. I am tradesman, and involvement from the neighbourhoods and subject to subject my book for me really is a jerk

in 1994, the idea of joining a Bank were left stuck to the essay contest and the 1970 years banks piggy bank gifts to young children, with savings in the pipe deals. I included it I got it in.. Here is the my things in this topic in those days "construction loan an American be" feeling I got drafted. The economic structure of the crisis banking branch, the periods in people's profiles and stories and he wrote a custom essay to days. 

After you close the year 1994, have written on the personal lives of booklets. Our friendships, difficult days, beautiful stories I have shared. Most important of all, in the eyes of my friends had an important place in my circle of how the detailed day after day I described my books respectively in 1994, "He now soldiers.", again the same year in 1994 when the line "my book" Istanbul, Nicosia, in 1995 with my friend Jessie, separated from us now writing pen. Then my friends about my article in 1998 "Bucureşti". Romania so lost on the streets of Bucharest la my friend Marius in days leads them up to my hotel I and me; after Romania's historical development of the talks and write a story about this country that I live with my friend named Marius wrote his days writing about Bucharest.

Cyprus a first leg I type don't match and there are on my side that I start to be witness to the moment of life stories my collegues the "Istanbul Nicosia Line" in my book wrote.

 “Eine Ecke aud dem Paradies” Cyprus penned in 1995 in German about the publicity I spell. "Eine Ecke aud dem Paradies" (a corner of heaven) has seen the German interest in this spell Ercan airport had the souvenir shop named Şentour in going Souvenir.

fire of five finger Mountains in 1995 from that dreadful subject area "Kyrenia'm Crying" memoir had been a post should be maintained as a serious document.

Later in the same years as the brochure I wrote that Cyprus Peace Ground 21. I'm writing to explain it in English because of the anniversary.

He currently is the novel about the rollout works Off Maras staff. In addition, many internet sites on my article is still being published.


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