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DIVING: North Cyprus has fascinating underwater world with longest diving season in the Mediterranean. The underwater world in North Cyprus you can meet sting rays, amber jacks, scorpions, bream, grouper, cuckoo, wrasse and turtle. Visibility can be more than 30 meters. Octopus and moray eel, colorful sponges and soft corals could be found at the bottom of the sea. North Cyprus hosted many civilizations. So, divers in North Cyprus could catch chance to dive ancient times when come across with ancient wrecked ships.

North Cyprus has also a very rich potential for diving. You can see the point where the oldest of the world known wreck was located in there from the time of Alexander the Great. It has the most suitable conditions in the Mediterranean with an average sea water temperature of 21.5 degrees. This is ideal for those wishing to explore deep blue sea, and the underwater. Especially in many diving points in Girne (Kyrenia) and other regions, diving into the blue depths will offer different perspectives to you from the mysterious North Cyprus.


Golf lovers could enjoy their time at the Golf Club in North Cyprus. The Golf Club is naturally decorated with many olive, pine and carob trees. There are two man-made lakes and this natural golf paradise is situated between mountain ranges and sea, that golf players enjoy the scenery of the mountain ranges and the sea from each hole. It is fully equipped with a driving range, three full length holes, a variety of long game practice bunkers, 5 target greens, 2 practice putting greens, 1 chipping/pitching green and a cafe/bar to relax.


North Cyprus offers many alternatives trails to the tourists that are visiting North Cyprus to do trekking, hiking as well as cycling. The unique flora and fauna of North Cyprus that is stated at the "Why North Cyprus" page of this site, will enrapture visitors with its spiritual trails. Be sure that mentally and physically you will be experiencing healthier holiday so ever.

The difficulty of the trails range from easy medium, difficult to very difficult. There are perfect trails for every level of expertise.

Information boards with maps and information about the routes and area could be found at the most of the trail heads. All of the trails are connected to each other, so that hiking across the whole north of the island.

Note that with its long coast line, extraordinary seaside sunset walk on the sandy beaches is also possible.


There are many enterprises with horse stable in North Cyprus offer horse riding option on sandy beaches.


There are several caves in North Cyprus that are free to explore. One, known as the Hot Cave, north of Ağırdağ village on the southern slopes of the five Finger mountains, is a partially collapsed natural formation. Warm air emanates from the cave, hence the name. Do not enter the cave. Another natural cave in city of Girne (Kyrenia) area is the Guvercinlik Cave near Alevkayasi region. Access the cave involves some fairly difficult climbing. Proceed with caution.

there are three more caves in the Gazimağusa area. The most beautiful and popular Cave is İncirli Cave, a hundred meter long passage with contains an amazing collection of stalatites and stalagmites. Finally the ominously named Execution Cave, near Kaleburnu village. There is set to be a golden earthenware jar hidden somewhere in the cave.


With its holistic, historical destinations and sandy beaches North Cyprus is becoming one of the most popular destinations for overseas weddings. Wedding and Reception Planners in North Cyprus could design your unique wedding ceremony according to your dreams. The most popular wedding venue is Bellapais Monastery Planners are also dealing with the legality issues.

Please note that weather conditions in North Cyprus when you are deciding the time of your wedding. It has typical Mediterranean climate. Summers, mid May to early October are hot & dry. The hottest months are July & August, when temperatures can reach 30 degrees C. Spring & Autumn are warm & pleasant, with the coldest months being January & February. The average annual temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. It rains between November & March, with the heaviest rains in January & February.


Near East University with its ultramodern hospital offers health tourism in North Cyprus.