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The Nitovikla Hotel *

The Nitovikla Garden Hotel is located in Kumyalı village. The Zekai (Zekayi) Bey House, which is 250-300 years old, offers its services to customers with an indoor and outdoor restaurant and bar. There is also the Giçça (Gicha) La Caverna Restaurant which is a 10 meter deep cave located within the hotel grounds. The Dionysos Wine House is an old barn converted into a wine and cheese room. All of the hotel’s 10 rooms, with 20 bed capacity, have special names. The interiors of the rooms are all decorated with traditional furniture, characteristic to Cyprus.

All rooms have showers, air-conditioning, satellite TV and blow driers. There is also a medium sized swimming pool for adults and a play pool for kids. Dining is a true experience at Nitovika Hotel which offers customers authentic Cypriot cuisine. The hotel’s restaurant offers an extensive menu of Cypriot dishes, mezzes, oven kebabs and traditional foods.

Number of Rooms: : 10

Number of Beds : 20

Address : Kumyalı- İskele-Karpaz

Telephone : +090(392?375 59 80

Fax : +90(392)375 61 21

Email :

Web : The Nitovikla Garden Hotel